Student Programs


Mural Club

El Roble has partnered with the art department from Gavilan College. to present a year-long mural program for fifth-graders. Students work closely with advisers to design and paint a large-scale art piece on campus.

We're up to four bright murals created through the program. The sea-themed mural seen above was created by the fifth-grade class of 2017.

Battle of the Books

Every spring, Mr. Otteson hosts the "Battle of the Books" for third through fifth grades.

Teams read books from designated lists throughout the year, then prepare to compete in the trivia contest. The groups face each other at a fierce competition late in the school year, held up on stage in front of the student body. 

Keeeep Reading

Accelerated Reader

All students are enrolled in Accelerated Reader (AR). Our school has made this commitment because there is a proven link between strong reading skills and academic success. Great readers make great students!  

The goal of AR is to motivate students to read, increase their reading comprehension, and advance their reading level. Students receive incentives throughout the year for reaching certain point totals.

2016-'17 AR stats

As of June 9, 2017: 40,655 books read (only 1,210 books less than the El Roble record from 2014/15).

100-point club

2014-'15: (school record): 104 students earned more than 100 points

2015-'16: 75 students earned more than 100 points

2016-'17: 86 students earned more than 100 points


In addition to Battle of the Books and Mural Club, El Roble students have lots of other opportunities to be involved throughout the year: 

  • Choir
  • Band
  • Student Council
  • Talent Show
  • Missoula Children's Theatre
  • Tech Club