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Distance Learning


Starting August 12: FOR ALL GUSD STUDENTS



Beginning Wednesday, August 12, classes will meet Monday-Friday each week via Zoom with an 8 a.m. start time. Distance learning will be 100% online. Your student's school or teacher(s) will be in contact closer to the start of the school year with teacher assignments and more information.

Distance learning schedules

Participate in distance learning

Online class meetings
Teachers and students will meet via Zoom Monday through Friday, according to the 2020-21 instructional calendar.

Virtual classrooms
Teachers will set up virtual hubs, like Google Classroom, to assign and collect classwork

About the elementary distance learning model

  • All students will continue to be enrolled in their home school and will complete instructional minutes based on grade level.
  • The school day will consist of a structured daily schedule of learning tasks, which will include synchronous learning (teacher-led lessons with the whole class) and asynchronous learning (individual or small group learning). 
  • Students will have daily live interaction with teachers and peers for instruction, progress monitoring and maintaining a connection to the school community. Daily live interaction will happen using Zoom.
  • Student attendance will be required and will be recorded daily.
  • Grades will be issued to all students pursuant to GUSD's regular grading policy.
  • Students with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 plan will receive the services and accommodations to the greatest extent possible.

REMEMBER: It is vital for students to access and regularly check their GUSD email accounts. These accounts are where they will receive communications from teachers and schools. They also need them to access district-approved platforms like Google Classroom and Clever.

If you or your child don't know how to access their GUSD email, email your child's teacher(s). 

Daily schedule components

Whole Group Instruction

Teacher-led lessons with all class members participating.  For example: morning meetings, whole group reading instruction, whole group math instruction.  Lessons will be conducted virtually using the Zoom platform.

Small Group

Teacher-led small group instruction with groups of class members participating.  For example: small group reading instruction, small group math instruction.  Lessons will be conducted virtually using the Zoom platform.

Guided Independent

Individual assignments for students.  Teachers will offer guidance, assistance and interventions.  For example: guided reading practice, math assignments, writing practice. Assignments may be conducted virtually using the Zoom platform.

Instructional minutes requirements

The total time students spend in their virtual classrooms is mandated by the State of California.  The way teachers conduct their class structure throughout the day is individualized.  

TK  & Kindergarten
180 minutes daily  including live instruction and offline work

1st - 3rd grade
230 minutes daily including live instruction and offline work

4th - 5th grade
240 minutes daily including live instruction and offline work


Students are expected to maintain the standards of appropriate behavior as if school were in regular session. Any concerns with student behaviors will be handled appropriately as it would be if students were present at school.